We urge our Sellers to please pay close attention the text on the right.

It is fundamental that you understand the do’s and don’ts.

Should any of the information not be clear to you, then please call or email. The contact details can be located on the contact page

Happy Car Booting everyone…

What Can’t I Sell?

It’s a No, No to; Alcohol, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Cigars, Drugs, Medicines, Medical Syringes, Medical Supplies, Flick Knives, Long Bladed Knives, (Kitchen sets acceptable if left at the rear of table or in boot of car), Weapons, Grenades, Guns; real or replica (Children’s plastic toy guns acceptable), Air Riffles, Pellet Guns, Swords, Archery Sets, Crossbows, Stolen Goods, Pornographic Videos, DVS’s, Magazines and Games, Adult Toys, Adult Poppers, Pirate DVD’s & Videos, Fake Computers & Power Tools, Counterfeit / Fake Clothing and / or Accessories, Animals, Pets or Fish and any unauthorised Food and Drink.

See below regarding Electrical Goods. If in doubt please ask one of the Marshalls for information.

Trading Standards make frequent visits to all Car Boots NATIONWIDE!


Can I Sell Electrical Goods?

Yes you can. However they must be in good condition and working with a plug on. It is illegal to sell faulty Electrical Goods or even faulty Sat Navs. If you are selling broken Electrical Goods for spare parts only this is OK, but it must be clearly stated. Buyers have the right to ask for your correct Address and Telephone number if you are selling Electrical Goods and may return them for a full refund if faulty.


Can I Sell Home Made Cakes & Jams?

Yes you can sell Home Made Jams. However to sell Home Made cakes is a different matter, as you will need to be registered with your Local Council, have Insurance, have you Kitchen inspected etc, etc. So basically it is not worth your effort. Sorry.


If I Do Not Sell Any Goods, What Do I Do?

Any unsold goods must be taken home with you. Charity Shops will not accept any goods left on their doorstep, you must take them to the Charity shop during the week.



The Car Park CCTV is on all the time, number plates and people are very easily seen. 

The use of Council black bins and Shop owned bins for your rubbish and unsold goods comes under the “Fly Tipping” laws; under which the Council have successfully prosecuted.

There are no facilities at the Car Boot to leave anything behind.